A modern way of disinfecting

Produced in Denmark, for disinfection anywhere!

Science applied

Atlantis Disinfectants provide a modern scientific approach to develop new products, and to improve the current productlines. Science helps us improve our product, your rentability and everyones environment.

Quality required

All rawmaterial is supplied by select manufacturors, and delicately handled to result in an outstanding product. No product leaves the production area, before it has gone through our QA inspection and meets the Atlantis standard.

Support provided

Your first point of support would be our local agent or reseller. They know our products and in most cases they will be able to help you out. In some cases however, they will have to contact Atlantis Support Team - AST, which may be connected end-users.

Atlantis Products

Disinfectants applied in any way

ATLANTIS HAND Disinfection

Effective yet gentle, ATLANTIS hand disinfectant is in many ways superior to alcohol based disinfectants.



Clean any outdoor surface using biocides rather than traditional chemistry



ATLANTIS POWER Disinfection is our most powerful disinfectant. Used for disinfecting surfaces in any area; Clinics, Gyms, Busses, Trains, Schools, Hotels, Homes, Daycare centers and anywhere else.



ATLANTIS SUPER Disinfectant for disinfecting any surface in any setting.