Disinfecting rooms or entire buildings the right way will eliminate sources of odor as well as potential pathogenic microorganisms which may spread throughout the building, on top of this microorganisms causing structural damages will also be eliminated.

Desinfecting buildings regularly also helps preventing pests, as bugs will have little or no food and also the disinfectants is not pleassant for insects to be around, so they will most likely relocate. We call this preventative pestcontrol, but it is important to notice, that our substances are not designed to kill insects, thus they cannot be used for pestcontrol. However, one can certainly create an environment which is hostile to bugs, yet safe to people and animals.


The technique to use for fogging is called Ultra Low Volume fogging, or put in short ULV Fogging or plainly Fogging. For this a ULV Fogger is required. There are many models on the market and as in all other areas, theres is a differece in prices and also in specifications. This issue we will not go into depth with, in this post. For smaller rooms and locations, a handheld fogger is sufficient and effective. In cases of large rooms, with a height to the ceiling of more than 4 or 5 meters, it may be more effective to be using a wheel-mounted fogger.

ULV Fogging can be carried out in several ways, depending on the circumstances and the purpose of the disinfection. When the requirement is to establish a sterile or semi-sterile environment, it is needed to completely cover the room in fog. In many cases, it makes sence to place a ULV fogger in the room, and leave it until it is empty or timed out. This can be the case in large rooms such as Chickenhouses, Greenhouses, Halls, Arenas or in small rooms such as Cliniques, Cafées, small shops using a small portable fogger.

When disinfecting the rooms should be completely empty of people and animals, however all equipment can be left as it is – except if there is open printboards or very sesitive equipment, which should be covered before the threatment. Papers, laptops, phones, monitors are not affected by the substance, however if too much fog is used, it will leave a liquid residue, which at some point might case an issue. After one hour anyone can safely enter the room, and if it is required, the fog may be aired out after only 20 minutes and the room is ready and safe to use.


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