ATLANTIS Disinfectants is a modern producer of biological degradable disinfectants, and supplier of general disinfectants and methods for desinfecting anywhere, where a complete and throughout disinfection is required.

Located on the quais of Port of Grenaa in Denmark, the company is surrounded by most pristine nature, with the Ocean and Beaches next door, forrests “in the backyard”, in the rural landscapes of Djursland.

Our Values
All disinfectants produced by Atlantis Disinfectants comply to the legislation in the various markets they are available in. However; producing and providing any commodity in a modern world, is much more, than simply complying to rules and regulations. Atlantis Disinfectants offers optimal solutions for the environment, maintaining the powerful effect of the product. We also take good care of our employees, make sure they – and their children – are being educated and we contribute to the communities, in which our facilities are located.

Or put in short: We actually give a fog!